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  • It’s suitable for pure water, mineral water , beverage water and all kinds of water treatment. The whole line includes: re-treatment system (multi-media filter, actived carbon filter, Sodium ion filter and PP Micron filter) membrane system(Ultrafiltration purify system, Nanofiltration, reverse osmosis unit, electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment(UV, ozone generator)) etc.

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  • Technical features: full filling, to avoid the collapse of the bottle after cooling, and minimize oxygen dissolved oxygen. Bin and feeding system, reasonable feeding design (constant flow, constant pressure, no foam), usually using high tank feeding form. The silo system with reasonable structure (with exhaust, full seal and temperature measurement), medium and high speed line cancels large liquid cylinder, instead of liquid distributor, it can realize total cleaning thorough CIP pressure system. Sanitary filling head system, umbrella flow structure, with fast filling speed. It also use the filling head which can meet the requirements of sanitary.

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  • The filling machine of Carbonated soft drink filling line can washing, filling and capping automatically. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful . It’s easy to operate and maintain. This machine also has high degree of automation. We use the advanced technology from Italy and Germany to achieve high filling speed and steady liquid level control. Such as: No bottle No filling, it will alarm and stop automatically if it comes with flushing or filling when the bottle explosion, the filling valve will automatically shut down. It can wash automatically and has advanced control technology. Using cylinder lifting cylinder, oil nylon gear transmission. The noise is small, the machine runs smoothly. Magnetic torque is used for screw cap and screw capping.