Bottled water filling machine production water purification common faults

At present, bottled water filling machine is the most commonly used equipment in pure water production process, and the most widely used desalination technology in high purity water preparation.Pure water filling machinery is by the pressure vessel, instrument, dosing metering pump assembled.Knowing that these assembly devices can solve the common problems that arise when making water purification.
Bottled water filling machine is pure water plant or mineral water plant special irrigation 3 gallons, 5 gallon bucket automatic filling equipment, the equipment is simple, only 1-2 workers can operate, is set disinfection, washing, Cover, gland and send out in one, using three-phase AC 380V power supply, widely used in towns, industrial and mining enterprises and individual units to use.The equipment is reliable, easy to operate, simple maintenance of microcomputer control system and pneumatic control system, is the bottle, filling and gland the whole process in a closed state to effectively prevent pure water or mineral water in the fillingThe process may occur in the secondary pollution, so that the real aseptic filling, is currently the most ideal pure water / mineral water filling equipment.

Bottled water filling machine will rinse, fill, screw cover three functions together in a body, the whole process to achieve automatic filling, for polyester bottles, plastic bottles filled with mineral water, pure water.The application of the various parts of the bottle adjustment using the handle to achieve, easy, simple and quick.Filling method uses a new type of micro-pressure filling, filling faster and more stable.This machine adopts the advanced OMRON programmable controller (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, into the bottle chain using the inverter speed control, and the host inverter to make the bottle more stable and reliable operation.Photoelectric detection of the various parts of the operating conditions, so a high degree of automation, easy to operate.The bottle is equipped with four independent control of the double (single) row of high pressure jet system, disinfectant recycling, washing fluid circulation has a variety of options.

First of all, in terms of pure water filling machinery in the filling capacity is not allowed or not the cause of such failure, filling equipment commonly used in the speed of the throttle and filling interval throttle valve is closed, throttle valve can notshut down.If there is air, try to reduce or eliminate air as much as possible. If there is any air in the hose, if any, if there is any air,Such as delay open, need to adjust the thin cylinder throttle.Quickly mounted three-way control valve inside and outside the compression coil spring elasticity, adjust the spring elasticity, the elastic too large check valve will not open.

Second, the pure water filling material from the back of the cylinder for the following reasons, whether the filling machine in the cylinder cylinder in the central position of the cylinder, if any changes, please re-install the location.At the same time the cylinder piston and piston rod is fastened, if loose please lock.And check the cylinder piston O-ring is damaged, if damaged please replace.

Again, pure water filling production line cylinder piston pushed back to the top does not return the following reasons: the location of the flow magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch, re-adjust the flow magnetic switch.

Finally, the pure water filling machine cylinder in the case of non-working fuse, cylinder piston O-ring, two magnetic switches, etc. to always replace the new, filling the inside of the filling valve spool is stuck, the spoolRe-installed position, as well as fixed magnetic switch position, after the magnetic switch must be fixed in the rear of the cylinder can make the cylinder work position, can not move.

Finally, bottled water filling machine experts to remind the majority of manufacturers in the process of water must pay attention to detail, to ensure safety, while ensuring health!